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About Us

About Us

Our Story


Established in 2010, Pacific Cheesecake Company started baking in a commercial kitchen, where we created all our recipes and were known only through word of mouth. In Spring 2011, we opened our first retail store in Glendale, CA, allowing us to share our cheesecakes with the community. After nearly 2 years in Glendale, we have moved to a new location in Valley Village. Pacific Cheesecake is comprised of a mother/son team who diligently pull their strengths together to make an incredible product.


In the early 1980's Karen started making cheesecakes for her friends and family. Karen has always had a passion for baking, especially when it came to cheesecake and over the years, she perfected her cheesecake recipe. With over 17-years in banking and commercial finance, she has created a backbone to the company with business and baking. Spending her days decorating each product to it's fullest potential, she is constantly working and learning to be the best in the business.


Mike is a ten year banking veteran and a graduate from San Francisco State University with a degree in Communications. With an aptitude in operations and management, Mike has become the lead baker at Pacific Cheesecake and strives to continuously create impeccable products.



Our Mission

We set out to thrive on three very important factors.

1) Create & make the best products: Our business is founded on the belief that the best ingredients make the best products.

2) Appreciating our customers: We value each person who walks in our door and we strive for our customers to leave with a smile on their face.

3) Giving back to the community: We at Pacific Cheesecake are strong believers in community building and helping whom we can.

Our Community

We make an effort to be involved in our community and reach out as much as we can. Here are some of the organizations we have supported and are actively involved with: